What is Online Personal Training or Online Coaching?

Online Personal training or Online Coaching is very much like a 1-2-1 Personal Trainer session but with the added economic price tag and the freedom of location and time. It allows you to train when and where is convenient for you while you still achieve your goals.

What does Online Personal Training or Online Coaching include?

You will get a personalised training programme tailored to your goals and to the resources available to you. 

For example, if you train at home, we will create a exercise programme that you can do at home, if you have some equipment, we will utilise this within your workout programme, and the same if you have a gym membership.

Whether you already follow a plant-based / vegan diet, or you would like to transaction to it, we will also provide you with nutrition support all the way through.

You will also get access to our mobile app, where you will be able to track your workouts, nutrition, body stats and much more!

Why Us?

At the Gym Game, we are committed to helping individuals find their own healthy lifestyle which fits into their work schedules, family life, social commitments, etc. This is not about a month diet for a quick fix, this is a lifetime investment on your health. We aim to teach our clients how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that they can maintain sustainably. 

How much does our online personal training / online coaching services cost?

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I’ve been training with Gema for the past 2 months on 1-2-1 sessions. I’m definitely seeing the positive results and very appreciative of the dedication she puts behind each session. I’ll keep renewing no doubt 💪💪💪💪

Gema is an amazing and patient trainer. She is always well prepared with great tools, I felt the difference from the first session. Gema has the ability to develop the workout program and boost your confidence according to my needs. I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much Gema 🙂

Gema has helped me get back into exercising after my pregnancy and during the pandemic. She has adapted the workouts to my current capabilities as well as to my home space and the equipment I have available to me. 

She keeps the workouts varied and fun. No doubt that I would not have gone back to exercising without the support of Vegan Coach Gema.