About The Gym Game

The Gym Game is a UK-based online personal  training service founded and managed by Gema Garcia.  

She believes that a balanced lifestyle is vital; thus she decided to create The Gym Game with the purpose of helping each individual find their  healthy lifestyle that suits their everyday commitments while targeting their goals. 

She doesn’t believe in quick-fix diets or long hours at the gym that aren’t sustainable. She believes in a balanced lifestyle and will help you find your balance.

A bit about Gema

Gema is originally from Spain but moved to England in 2015. 

She has always been very active, but she got particularly interested in fitness and health after moving to England.

After a few years of training by herself, gathering experience and knowledge, she decided that it was time to obtain her fitness qualifications and start sharing her expertise with others. 

Gema believes in balance and helps her clients achieving their goals by breaking them in small realistic milestones that are attainable. 

If you are looking to get healthier and fitter with long term results, Gema is your go-to person.