My name is Gema, I am the founder and Head Coach at The Gym Game. I am committed to helping people like you lose weight without depriving themselves.


I spent most of my adult life trying to lose weight and ‘get back to’ the shape I had in my teens. I spent lots of time following extreme calorie restriction and exercising just to burn calories.


After years of following this approach I was burnt-out, miserable and not able to enjoy anything that involved food. Above all, I actually stopped losing weight, and was gaining weight very easily.


It was at this point I knew something needed to change, so I started taking the steps to move away from this extreme way of losing weight and focus on fuelling myself and my workouts.


I’m now proud to say that I’m helping others do the same.


The Gym Game will help you overcome your weight loss issues, and help you find balance and fulfilment in your journey.